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Business automation is the process of using technology to perform recurring tasks. This is not about replacing people; automation helps your staff focus on more meaningful and rewarding tasks. Not only does automation improve your business efficiency, but it also improves staff motivation and engagement!

We have extensive development experience, spanning from simple scripting to business-critical applications to ISO27001 document control systems. We are well-equipped to provide guidance, planning, development, or deployment services for any project you may need assistance with. Our versatility ensures that we can offer our development services for existing or new applications as part of our Managed Service contracts or on an ad-hoc basis, whichever suits you best.

Our team is personable, friendly, and incredibly approachable, so that’s different from what you might expect!

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bespoke development solutions

Our development

services include:


We can create standalone VBScripts and PowerShell commandlets or assist with any PowerShell scripting tasks you may need. These are quick and easy ways to perform mundane tasks without human interaction or mistakes!


Do you have manual processes that someone has to do regularly? Whether exporting data from third-party applications for emailing, collating data for reports, system alerts, file transfers, or, in fact, any internal process you can think of, a Windows Service is probably the answer.

We can develop a Windows Service to perform precisely the process you need when you need it. Services can constantly run, timed, or be configurable via a user interface and will do everything without you lifting a finger.


Many applications are now database-driven, and the databases must be managed effectively for performance, capacity, backup, and disaster recovery. Failure to do so could be critical for your business operations.

We can review what you currently have and then collaboratively design and implement a management strategy to give you complete confidence in your business tools.


We have found that many businesses need help finding applications that suit their needs exactly. Whether automating manual processes or running your complete business operations, a bespoke product can be the answer, and it usually costs less than you think.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business operations, which helps us tailor our support services. This understanding allows us to work alongside you to review and streamline internal processes and procedures through automation.

These working partnerships have allowed us to develop, implement and manage many business-critical applications, mobile apps, and tools to improve staff performance, efficiency, and morale, which drives business growth.

We can provide consultancy or development services to do the same for your business, either as part of a Managed Service contract or on a ‘per-project’ basis.


We can host websites and web applications within our secure and robust hosting environment, which can be a full- or partially managed service.

Our website management service is designed to make your life easier. We handle everything from deploying new content management systems for you to configure, managing patches and updates, and active intrusion monitoring and hacking detection. With our excellent on- and off-site backup systems, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

We can also offer dedicated hosting servers in any configuration and shared or dedicated IP addresses, whatever suits your requirements.

Business Automation | Confidence IT

31% of businesses have fully automated at least one function of their business


Automation has more benefits than you may think

Business automation can only replace logical processes, so it’s a chance to re-analyse how your business operates to remove illogical or over-complicated processes that are typically inefficient or prone to (human) error! Other key benefits are:

  • Saves your employees’ time
  • Helps you reduce costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Makes business processes more efficient
  • Minimises errors
  • Standardises processes
  • Provides auditable records
  • Ensures compliance
  • Delivers a better customer experience
  • Increases scalability
  • Improves staff morale and engagement
Baileys Heating | Confidence IT
Case study

Bailey’s HEATING


Bailey’s Heating Company Ltd pride themselves on the quality of their work and their great customer service. They are a heating company based in Bedford, established in 2010. Bailey’s Heating Company Ltd specialise in domestic heating; natural gas, LPG and renewables.




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antony myers
antony myers
Confidence IT are fast, friendly and competent - highly recommended!
Frank Olisadun
Frank Olisadun
Very good
Ellie Litvinenko
Ellie Litvinenko
Sammy not only resolved my issue but while doing so, he managed to assist me in resolving a separate one I'd never opened a ticket for. I am happy to say that he not only met but exceeded my expectations massively. I am very grateful for his help and assistance.
Samantha Secker
Samantha Secker
have worked with Confidence It for over 10 years, they have been amazing. The lads and Jo are all super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Janice Rentell
Janice Rentell
"We have been using Confidence IT for a few years now and they are always quick to respond to any issues we have and their technicians are always polite. Would highly recommend."
peter holmes
peter holmes
confidence IT have looked after us for almost four year and there service is excellent - they pick up any queries or problems which may arise straight away and look to sort asap. Customer support is 5 star ... dermaspa
Lee Hancox
Lee Hancox
We have worked with C-IT as a support provider for several years now and the support has always been professional and to the highest standard.
Tom Patrickson
Tom Patrickson
Provided significant assistance with numerous projects, including the implementation of a VOIP phone system across various sites. Demonstrated excellent responsiveness to all inquiries and resolved issues swiftly and efficiently. Highly Recommend.
Alex Lapushner
Alex Lapushner
Supportive, reliable, responsive and innovative business. Good to have partnered with Confidence IT Ltd. Highly recommended.
Diane Butterworth
Diane Butterworth
Friendly, fast and reliable service.

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