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3cx VoIP Phone System

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with an Outdated

phone system?

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Frustrated with limited flexibility?

Traditional phone systems tie you to a physical location, stifling your team’s mobility and adaptability.

Tired of complex and costly maintenance?

Old-school systems often come with a maze of wires and a hefty price tag for upkeep and troubleshooting.

Worried about scalability?

As your business grows, expanding a conventional phone system becomes a logistical nightmare.

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3CX Freedom and Flexibility

Say Hello to Freedom

and Efficiency

with 3CX VoIP from

Confidence IT!

Your Future Proof Solution

Embrace Flexibility and Mobility

Work from anywhere with seamless access. Your office is wherever you are, be it at home, in a café, or on the go.

Simplify your communication

Easy to manage, easy to scale. Wave goodbye to complex setups and welcome a system that grows with you.

Prepare for the 2025 Big Switch-Off

The world is moving on from traditional systems. Don’t be left behind when the old networks are switched off. Upgrade now and stay ahead.

Phone Services

Why choose our 3cx VoIP phone system?

Say goodbye to clunky hardware and costly maintenance. With cloud hosting, you can scale up or down easily as your business grows. Thanks to our remote access and mobile apps, feel reassured with the ability to stay connected wherever you are. We’ve got all the cool features like call recording, video conferencing, and more. Plus, our voice quality is crystal-clear, and we take security seriously.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Choose our cloud-hosted 3CX VoIP Phone System and take your business communications to the next level! The transition is seamless, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

VoIP Phone System | Confidence IT
Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Simple call


& diverts

User web portal to configure availability, call routing and much more

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT



Your colleague availability at a glance

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Powerful voicemail


Easy to use with custom options for alerts and delivery

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Colleague chat

One-to-one or group chats just a few clicks away

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

One-touch features

Custom actions or speed dials literally a touch away

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

High quality voice

& video calls

Crystal clear audio and video without slowing down your internet access

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Advanced call


Direct dials, call queues, prioritised or hunt-based ring groups

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Digital receptionist

Automated reception to easily route your callers to the right place

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT



Easy search for colleagues and contacts

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Call recording

& monitoring

Automated or manual call recording with listen-in and whisper features

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Video conferencing

& web meetings

One touch meet-now or schedule a web meeting with no client install required

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Mobile and PC apps

Access your extensions from anywhere on any device

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT



Microsoft 365, CRM, Salesforce and bespoke integrations available

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Microsoft Teams


Your calls routing direct to the Teams client for true Unified Communications

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT


and statistics

Dashboards, scheduled reports and much more

Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Website Chat

Add a chat box on your website to allow customers to instant message

* Free to use with the phone system, third-party licences are required

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

Business VoIP

phone system


Say goodbye to the hassle of endless phone calls and tedious research.

Try our calculator today and enjoy the benefits of streamlined communication at an affordable price.

Our business phone system pricing calculator is the easiest and most efficient way to get an instant quote that fits your budget.

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What Customers Think of Confidence IT

antony myers
antony myers
Confidence IT are fast, friendly and competent - highly recommended!
Frank Olisadun
Frank Olisadun
Very good
Ellie Litvinenko
Ellie Litvinenko
Sammy not only resolved my issue but while doing so, he managed to assist me in resolving a separate one I'd never opened a ticket for. I am happy to say that he not only met but exceeded my expectations massively. I am very grateful for his help and assistance.
Samantha Secker
Samantha Secker
have worked with Confidence It for over 10 years, they have been amazing. The lads and Jo are all super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Janice Rentell
Janice Rentell
"We have been using Confidence IT for a few years now and they are always quick to respond to any issues we have and their technicians are always polite. Would highly recommend."
peter holmes
peter holmes
confidence IT have looked after us for almost four year and there service is excellent - they pick up any queries or problems which may arise straight away and look to sort asap. Customer support is 5 star ... dermaspa
Lee Hancox
Lee Hancox
We have worked with C-IT as a support provider for several years now and the support has always been professional and to the highest standard.
Tom Patrickson
Tom Patrickson
Provided significant assistance with numerous projects, including the implementation of a VOIP phone system across various sites. Demonstrated excellent responsiveness to all inquiries and resolved issues swiftly and efficiently. Highly Recommend.
Alex Lapushner
Alex Lapushner
Supportive, reliable, responsive and innovative business. Good to have partnered with Confidence IT Ltd. Highly recommended.
Diane Butterworth
Diane Butterworth
Friendly, fast and reliable service.
Did You Know

Traditional PSTN and

ISDN phone lines will

be switched off in


Did You Know | Confidence IT
Call Package

We have a simple and transparent approach to

call packages

All UK landline numbers beginning 01, 02 & 03, and UK mobile calls are included at no additional cost. All other international or non-geographic calls are charged using our standard low rates, with call reports available each month giving you a breakdown of costs. We can also create bespoke packages with inclusive international minutes to suit your needs.

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Book a Meeting

Book a face to face Teams meeting to discuss your VoIP requirements and how upgrading to VoIP can benefit your business.

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Hosted Phone Services | Confidence IT

Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems are more secure and will save you money.

Claremont High School | Confidence IT
Case study



Read how Claremont High School saved money and upgraded their telecoms by upgrading to a hosted VoIP Phone system

Why Us?

Telephone options to suit

your needs and budget:

Whether you are looking for a headset to go with your PC softphone, A mobile app to take with you on the go, A  more traditional desk handset or a conferencing solution for your meeting room – the choice is yours, we have it all!

Softphone icon | Confidence IT

A free integrated client for Windows, MacOS and Android/iOS smart phones, the 3cx soft phone allows you too easily manage calls from your desktop computer, on the go from your laptop, or out and about from your mobile.

Learn More
SIP Handsets Icon| Confidence IT
SIP Handsets

Traditional handsets range from entry level phones starting at £50 each, to mid-range elegant phones with colour displays, to ultra-elegant phones with large colour display and integrated webcam for video conferencing.

Learn More
Cordless Phone Icon | Confidence IT
Cordless and Conference

There are also a wide range of DECT cordless headsets or handsets available, and meeting room options from simple USB plugins to fully featured onference phones.

Learn More
FAQs | Confidence IT

Do I need To Change My Number To Move To A Hosted VoIP Phone System?

You don’t even have to change your number to move to phone services. Regardless of your current provider we can port your existing number(s) to a preferred phone service partner for you, seamlessly and without any downtime. There’s no need for a physical landline per number anymore so no more line rental costs!

You can also choose a geographic, non-geographic, or international numbers for you regardless of your location, and you can have as many as you like. There is just a very low monthly charge per number.

FAQs | Confidence IT

Is It Difficult To Move From One Hosted VoIP Phone System Onto Another?

Even if you’re already on a Voice over IP solution, we can move you to our platform without any fuss. From there we’ll give you all the brilliant functionality our solution has to offer and start saving you money without any compromise – what more could you ask for?

If you’re in contract, please still get in touch and we’ll be happy to look at options for you.

Read Our Full Page Of FAQs Here